Yoga for Runners - Mondays

Fleet Feet Sports will offer a new spring series of yoga classes for runners. The class is taught on Monday evenings 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. starting April 2017. The class will be $12/class and will be taught by instructor Jessica Webb (see bio below).


Yoga is an effective way to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and connective tissues of the body, creating a balance of strength and flexibility. This can help to prevent injury, recover from injury, and improve overall athletic performance. By decreasing tightness and increasing mobility we can optimize the use of our bodies. Simply put, yoga can help you run faster, stronger, prevent annoying injuries, and feel awesome in your body along the way.


Breathing is a key part of the yoga system. Learning how to control the breath and engaging in exercises that actually stretch your lung capacity; condition the lungs so you can breathe more efficiently as your heart starts pumping and get more flow of oxygen to all your muscles and heart.  


Our minds are powerful mechanisms that can help us to achieve anything! Practicing concentration can help to move through the mental chatter of doubt and get to the place where you believe in your abilities and make it happen! 

Instructor Bio:


Jessica Webb has been a yoga teacher for almost 10 years. Within that time, she has increased her knowledge of yoga through extensive training, workshops and retreats. This has caused her to transform her teachings into a more therapeutic style, and she specializes in rehabilitation yoga.

A runner herself, Webb understands the specific and therapeutic needs of a runner's body. She also understands each body is unique, so each week in "Yoga for Runners" commonly tight parts of the body will be targeted as well as an added emphasis on one or more other specific areas.

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